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You guys all know how much I like drabbles. Here are three: West Wing, Harry Potter & LWD. More in the works.

Title: Diagnosis
Fandom: West Wing
Word Count: 50
Notes: I love 100 word drabbles, but I always wanted to try write a 50 word one. I think I finally managed it.

The diagnosis was dire, with a multitude of symptoms, each more terrible than the next, culminating in an ugly death. No reprieve. No miracle cures. No choice but to end his political career in an abrupt early retirement.

No. Screw it. MS wasn’t going to take this from him too.

Title: Beyond Belief
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 100

Luna knew that she believed in things that others thought were foolish or outright lies. But she never understood why. If Thestrals, Acromantulas and Puffskeins were real, then why not Nargles or Heliopaths or Moon Frogs? It was all in the realms of possibility. Proof of their existence would not challenge how you understood the world.

But only Hermione seemed to understand that, because, for her birthday, she gave Luna three muggle books: Black Holes and Time Warps, A Brief History of Time and Cosmos.

Now, this was truly outlandish stuff! Luna was hooked, as Hermione knew she would be.

Title: Student Housing
Fandom: Life With Derek
Word Count: 200

Freshman year, they were originally placed in different dorms all the way across campus from each other, but then Casey was de-tripled and wound up in a double only one floor down from Derek and his horrible roommate from hell. Fortunately, Casey’s new roommate didn’t mind that Derek was in their room at all hours.

Sophomore year, Casey and Derek both had roommates that they liked. But Casey’s roommate was always at her boyfriend’s… who happened to be Derek’s roommate. It drove Derek crazy until Casey reminded him that there was an empty bed in her room. So that was that.

Junior year, they both had singles that faced each other at the far end of the hallway. They always kept their doors opened and treated the two rooms as if they were both shared. It was perfect and they hadn’t even planned it. Oh, Casey had obsessed over which room and dorm she wanted as usual, but Derek, knowing he’d just be at Casey’s anyway, left his up to the random lottery.

Senior year, they just gave up and got an apartment together. But it took a while longer before they realized that they really only needed one bedroom.

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Yay for the WW one! The MCU fandom got me invested in three sentence fics (and the ability to twist a sentence in many different ways to make it looooong.) I kinda feel you'd do well trying that. *g*


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