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So I'm normally better at keeping my journal up-to-date with my fic output, but [community profile] giles_shorts kept me busy with their first line/ last line challenge. And then there was the whole LJ thing and yeah. (I'm going to have to look into cross-posting now that I'm here on DW.)

Title: London Fog
Word Count: 100
Last line prompt: "Dubiously, Giles asked, 'What exactly is in this potion?'"
Notes: This is probably post-series because it's unlikely that Buffy would have had a London Fog before 2003. But it's fine by me if you'd rather think of this exchange as happening during their Sunnydale days.

Dubiously, Giles asked, "What exactly is in this potion?"

“Mostly Earl Grey and milk,” Buffy replied. “Trust me, you’ll like it.” She rolled her eyes as Giles gave it a suspicious sniff. “You sure make it difficult for someone to fuss over you.”

“I’m not an invalid, Buffy.”

“No, you’ve just been running yourself into the ground. Now drink your tea and rest up. We need you in fighting form.”

It was no use arguing with her when she was like this. Giles took a cautious sip of the strange brew and grumbled. He hated it when she was right.

Title: Tattoo Removal
Word Count: 100
Last line prompt: "She watched him leave with a wicked smile on her face."
Notes: Set after right after The Dark Age.

With a wicked smile on her face, Buffy spun around and lifted up her hair.

“It’s gone!” exclaimed Giles, his fingers brushed the nape of her neck where the tattoo had been.

“Yup! The back of my neck has been crazy itchy all day. By the time I looked, Ethan’s stupid souvenir had faded to practically nothing. I guess my Slayer healing doesn’t like evil tattoos. Or possibly just tattoos in general.”


“It sure beats a vial of acid!”

“Well, Ethan always did go for dramatic rather than effective.”

“So, his plan wouldn’t have worked?”

“Not on any level.”

Title: Tattoo Removal Too
Author: Quaggy
Word Count: 100
Last line prompt: "Giles smiled but said nothing."
Notes: Set after right after Season 4. I wasn't expecting to write a sequel to Tattoo Removal, but sometimes the muse has other plans for you.

Giles smiled but said nothing as Buffy examined his arm.

“It’s gone!”


“But how?!”

“The enjoining spell, I assume. My arm had started to itch afterwards, but I didn’t think much about it.”

“Places to go. Apocalypses to stop.”

“Exactly. It was only after our shared dream that I noticed it was gone completely.”

“Well, we have our proof now. Slayer healing really doesn’t like tattoos.”

“Evil tattoos.”


“I had more than one. The others are fine.”

“Others?! As in plural? Like two or more?”

“That shocks you?”

“Giles, at this point, nothing about you shocks me anymore.”

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