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So I've been seeing a surprising number of films since I moved over here, both as a social activity with the others in my program and on my own as a break from writing and general PhD stuff. I've already put this off long enough that I have to break these into two parts! So let's start with the movie I saw in January and work our way forward...

Ponya, MirrorMask and the Artist )

Now there's one movie I have yet to give an opinion on, but I didn't see it this year. I actually saw it last summer, so normally I'd say that I've past the statute of limitation to post about it. But since I've talked about each and every movie in the series since I've created this LJ, I think I need to say something. I'm, of course, taking about....
Harry Potter )

So that's it. Or rather (ignoring Harry Potter) those were only the movies I saw the first two months of the year. Stay tuned for Part 2 when I bring things up to date. :-)
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So, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Yeah. I was not looking forward to this film. Book 7 is not my favorite... or, as I like to call it, "Harry, Ron and Hermione's Camping Trip From Hell" which should give you a clue to my main objections.

Never had I been more excited to know that a movie would be forced to leave stuff OUT. But then they decided that they were going to split the film into two parts. And I thought to myself "Ah hell, the camping trip is back on!" Actually, I was quite delighted that those scenes seemed to move along pretty quickly, though my brother (who never finished reading the series) later commented about how the camping scenes went on forever. I quickly assured him it was much longer in the book!

The truth is... I actually really enjoyed the film! I think a lot of what I was what they changed or how they reinterpreted certain parts. I loved the scene where Hermione tells the story of the Deathly Hallows. The animation was lovely and a welcome change of pace. More importantly, it took a long bit of narrative and made it watchable and interesting.

On a whole, the movie did pretty well with all the useless exposition that was Book 7. Harry's angst over not knowing who Dumbledore truly was toned down and Grindelwald seems to be nothing more than a petty, arrogant thief. Normally I'm not a fan of such glossing over, but frankly the Grindelwald/Third Reich parallels would be a little much for a family film.

I really enjoyed the bit with the polyjuiced Harrys. The Godric's Hollow was as lovely as I was hoping it would be. (Though I wish they had included the bit with memorial where his house used to be. It was a nice bit in the book that captured pretty well how we grieve together as a society.) But I think my favorite moment was during the opening scenes, when Emma Watson knocked it out of the park, as she disappeared from her parents life. And later, in that random London cafe, when she has to erase the memories of those two Death Eater, you can see what it's costing her and how she's thinking about the last time she used that spell. In the books, Hermione modified her parents memories, gave them new names and sent them to Australia. Even without it being explicitly stated, it was a pretty safe guess that she would be back after the war to give them back their lives. But in the movie, it felt... permanent. Hermione had erased herself from their lives and basically just turned herself into an orphan. What a strong, heartbreaking moment to start things off on.

It also made the connection between Hermione and Harry seem that much stronger. And yes, we've now come to the shipper's rant part of the post... )
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It seems like I always watch more movies when I go home for Christmas than I do at any point during the year.  This year was no exception. Not counting Miracle on 34th Street and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, I saw five movies this holiday season, which might be a new record for me. So, here they are, in the order I saw them:

SciFi's Alice 
(They can try to rebrand themselves all they want, but they can't make me use their ridiculous spelling.) I've been wanting to see this modern take of Alice in Wonderland for a while.  It's from the same people behind Tin Man, which I enjoyed... at least until it totally unravel during the second half.  Maybe that's why Alice has been in my Netflix queue forever but I never got around to watching it.  But I happened to catch it television when I was home and totally got sucked in. (And so did my mom, which is saying something because she doesn't much care for sci-fi or fantasy. The fact that all three of her kids eat this stuff with a spoon is an endless source of amusement to us all.) The plot was much tighter and the ending far more satisfying than Tin Man, but what really made it for me was the Alice/Hatter ship. OMG! Seriously, I loved that pairing so much that I immediately started looking for fic. (And I sort of added a Hatter/Alice fic to my Great List of Doom. I couldn't help myself!)  I think I might have to check out Primeval now, just because of Andrew-Lee Potts. Even my mom commented that the actor who played Hatter was excellent. 

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland
Apparently, this was my holiday for Lewis Carroll adaptations, because not two days after we saw Alice, my mom and I watched Alice In Wonderland. I've heard some mixed reviews about the film, but I loved it to bits. The movie was stunning to look at and cast was amazing. Strangely (because I do like her), Anne Hathaway was the only one I found disappointing. I think it's because, even though she's been in a fair amount of comedies, she's now such a Serious Dramatic Actress, she hasn't quite learned how to make lunacy seem natural.  Or maybe because Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter raised the bar so high there's just no way to reach their level. One of the things I loved was in the beginning of the film, everyone she met was meant to remind you of someone from Wonderland, like the Queen of Hearts, the Caterpillar or the Tweedles. But in the classic familiar sense (even physically), rather than the character interpretation that we will meet in this film. It was a nice twist on a familiar trope.


Another film I've been wanting to see for a while. I have less to say about this one, mostly because if I try it will just come out trite and corny. But I'm so glad I watched it and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows Part 1
In contrast, I have so much to say about this one that I'm going to save it for a separate post. But be prepared for another shipper's rant. It's totally unavoidable this time.

My Favorite Year
My mom insisted that we watch this when it came on TCM and I'm so glad she did. I laughed so hard. I have to say, working on Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows had to be an incredible experience considering how Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, and Carl Reiner all later turned to their time as writers on the show for inspiration.But it's Peter O'Toole's Errol Flynn-like character that makes the movie. I loved him in How To Steal A Million, but it's nothing compared to this! I haven't enjoyed a "modern classic" film (aka any post-black & white film that's at least 20 years old) this much since Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

So there you have it. Quaggy's holiday movie guide in a nutshell and I loved each and every one.  Now do yourself a favor and go watch one of them!

Ship Meme

Oct. 5th, 2009 01:53 am
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I've seen this meme around plenty of places, most recently at [livejournal.com profile] unoriginal_liz and finally decided to give it a shot. It makes a nice change of pace from everything I've been working with over at [livejournal.com profile] keytus_tv.

Tell me a Fandom and I shall respond with my...

1. One True Pairing Ship:
2. Canon Ship:
3. "If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:
4. "You are one sick bastard" Ship:
5. "I dabble a little" Ship:
6. "It's like a car crash" Ship:
7. "Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship:
8. "Makes no canon sense but why the Hell not" Ship:
9. "Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:

....and then YOU can tell me if my answer surprised you or not! ;-P
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So my youngest brother and I went to see Harry Potter this past weekend. (You know, that makes him sound about 9 rather than 22.) We’ve seen all the movies together so far. It’s going to be a little difficult with the last one seeing as they split the damn thing into two parts. It’s tough enough trying to find the time to see one movie when you’re in separate cities, let alone TWO!

As for the movie itself, I really enjoyed it. Possibly more than the book. Not that it was better, per say, just easier to get into. That said, the movie did have its flaws and I suspect it wouldn’t be nearly as good for people who hadn’t read the books.

Here be spoilers... )

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Merdith Viera interviews JK Rowling at Edinburgh Castle on Dateline NBC tonight at 7PM.

These are my thoughts... and hopefully any major insights JK is ready to tell us.

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Just because [livejournal.com profile] caz963, [livejournal.com profile] teresadivicenzo and [livejournal.com profile] phla did it too. And because of Myrtle...

My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Hermione is killed by Moaning Myrtle without a second glance
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom


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