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So I kind of had an anniversary that I totally forgot about on the day thanks to interesting real life stuff. But 10 years ago this past Monday, I officially posted my first fanfic. Quags was born a little but before that, but the fic thing was kind of a big deal. I never thought that 10 years later that I would still be writing. That people would still like my stuff. That I would still be branching out into new fandoms. That LJ would turn into such a ghost town. :-(

On my 5th anniversary, I offered to write 100 word drabbles for anyone who would give me a promp and a fandom. I would love to do that again, but I'm not sure if anyone is still around enough to be interested. (The offer stands, though.) So if anyone can thing of a good way for me to commemorate what has been a interesting part of my life, please let me know.
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So I've been seeing a surprising number of films since I moved over here, both as a social activity with the others in my program and on my own as a break from writing and general PhD stuff. I've already put this off long enough that I have to break these into two parts! So let's start with the movie I saw in January and work our way forward...

Ponya, MirrorMask and the Artist )

Now there's one movie I have yet to give an opinion on, but I didn't see it this year. I actually saw it last summer, so normally I'd say that I've past the statute of limitation to post about it. But since I've talked about each and every movie in the series since I've created this LJ, I think I need to say something. I'm, of course, taking about....
Harry Potter )

So that's it. Or rather (ignoring Harry Potter) those were only the movies I saw the first two months of the year. Stay tuned for Part 2 when I bring things up to date. :-)
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In the past month, I've gone to Japan, been shaken by an earthquake while NOT in Japan, tried to ignore some significant anniversaries of major tragedies, applied to a graduate program and before any of that happened saw the final Harry Potter with my brother, completing the set. While each of those are worthy of their own post, I'm not feeling very good with words right now. Instead, I bring you YouTube videos from various shows I've enjoyed over the years. See them before they get reported! :-)

We've got Sorkin, Asian dramas and Charlie Crews, if you're interested... )

Next time I post, I promise it will be Quaggy generated content. :-)
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Every time there's an LJ denial of service, it makes me wonder what I'll do if LJ no longer is around at all. Nothing lasts forever, especially not on the internet.

I signed up for a Dreamwidth account back when I first started, but it felt like I was starting from scratch. I just didn't see the point and I honestly still don't. If LJ goes up in smoke... I'm okay with letting that chapter of my life be over. I'll be sad to loose some of the more personal entries I've posted, but I can save those in other formats. My fic is all archived over at FF.Net. (I'd sign up for an AO3 account too if the idea of more cross-posting didn't give me a headache.) I'm now on Facebook, Twitter AND Google Plus, so I have plenty of platforms to keep in touch with the friends I've made. I haven't quite figured out what to do about [livejournal.com profile] keytus_tv  but I'm sure we'll come up with something if the time ever comes.

And that time may not ever come. We all might be done with LJ long before LJ calls it quits. We can't know what the future holds. All we can do is be grateful for what we have and be ready for what may come. And I'm really grateful for the chance to get to know you all here.

Okay, navel-gazing over. We now return to the usual random distractions!
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 Seriously, first the little girl from Annie and HELEN HUNT in the Frog Prince and now Carrie Fisher as Thumblina!!

I sort of remember watching this one as a kid. No surprise since I think I saw the entire Fairy Tale Theater series. It's a wonder that any of us turned out normal!! (If you have trouble seeing the video, go here: http://youtu.be/0XXyJV5EDBU)
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For some reason, I've had this one movie stuck in my head. It was a live-action adaptation of the Frog Prince, circa the late 1980s. I'm pretty sure it was on the Disney Channel. (Seems too sweet and girly for Nick.) There were two princess. One was blond, spoiled and selfish and the other, the heroine, was sweet, if a little childish and plain. The thing is that only one of them was a "True Princess" (though they never explained why, but I guess it had something to do with the fact True Princesses had magical powers), but their mother never said which was which because she wanted them to be loved equally. Everyone assumes that the older sister is the True Princess, but as you might expect, she's not. The Frog Prince part comes into play because younger sister gets help from a talking frog-like man (who's really an enchanted prince) and the golden ball that she drops down the well turns out to be magic. Well, actually, it turns out that she just thinks that the ball is magic and she's the one actually doing everything, because she was the True Princess all along. I'm pretty sure the little sister was played by Soleil Moon Frye and I think the older sister had name recognition too. Does anybody remember this? It seems far too real for me to have dreamed up when I was too high on pixie stix, but I'm beginning to doubt my sanity!

In other news, I owe people drabbles. Life's been a little abnormal, but I'll try to get to them as soon as possible. I swear!

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] flippet found it!! The Frog Prince! It stared the girl from Annie, not Punky Brewster. That's what was tripping me up. Now the real question is: Do I dare watch it again?

Five Years!

Apr. 4th, 2011 10:27 pm
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So there was an attack on LJ on my 5th year anniversary. Seems a little ominous, don't you think?

Five years ago today, I posted my very first fic. Actually I posted three. (One of the few times I've ever posted multiple times in one day.) At first, this was nothing but a place where I dumped my West Wing fic, but little by little I started branching out into other fandoms (though I wasn't always successful) and experimented with other fani-sh forms of expression. I even started posting about my life off-line (though those posts are usually friend-locked at the very least). LJ is such a big part of my life now, it's hard to imagine what I would do without it. Twitter just isn't the same and you all know how I feel about Facebook.

So how do I celebrate?  Well, it seemed appropriate to go back to how this all began... with fic. I thought about offering DVD commentary or a fanwank Q&A, but I think new fic is the way to go. Lord knows, I'm a horribly slow writer, but I do seem to turn out 100 word drabbles pretty fast.  So...

In honor of the occasion, give me a fandom and a prompt (or two or three), and I'll give you a 100 word drabble in the next few days (or maybe weeks).

I don't mind branching out into a fandom I haven't written for yet, as long as I'm familiar with it. I actually enjoy trying something new. Though it's always nice to have the excuse to write West Wing too. Can't forget your roots!
Happy Birthday, LJ of mine! Thank you for five year's worth of random distractions!
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I was going to post my Harry Potter blatherings, but then I saw this meme over at [livejournal.com profile] zinke  and decided that that I so would rather do this instead.

Ask me a fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom, lj stuff, fic writing, etc. Questions can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta, anything about any of my stories specifically. Whatever you want.
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List 10 platonic male/female relationships in fiction that you enjoy.

1. They interact in canon, preferably in a significant (apply your own interpretation of such) way.
2. They are not related. They can, however, view each other as surrogate family.
3. Neither has confessed or implied romantic love for the other in canon.
4. They have not dated, been married, had sex, or made out in canon, on purpose, and of their own free will.
5. A popular fanon ship is ok (though preferably not your ship) but a canon pairing you wish were just friends is out.
6. Try to avoid using the same character or series twice.

I really couldn't resist this one. It was an excellent exercise for me, since I'm such an utter "best friend" shipper. If a male & female character have close friendship in canon, chances are that I'll be shipping them sooner or later, canon or not. I liked proving to myself that I actually can enjoy a male/female friendship without wishing there was more. As it turned out, all ten pairing were from television shows, though 3 of them you've probably never heard of. While some of these pairing on the list are (or at least could be) active ships, I just like their relationship as is.

My Ten Non-Ships )
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So here, we go. It's not my favorite Asian drama of all time (that would be Galileo) or even my favorite Korean drama (that would be Coffee Prince), but there's something about Wish Upon A Star that just sucked me in. The plot was totally over the top and often required to complete suspension of disbelief (Murder plots! Secret births! Blackmail! Kidnappings! Gangsters! Medical Scares! And that was all in just one episode!) But the characters were just a joy to watch. Even without all the crazy storylines (or maybe especially without), I could see the premise working as a regular multi-season series. Not to mention that WUAS is the first Asian drama I've wanted to write fic for. (Well, okay, I did want to write fic for Your Beautiful... but mostly that was because I wanted to rewrite the ending which sort of derailed towards the end.) I'm just not ready to let these characters go!

Pick The Stars

Let me tell you why... )

(This is an image heavy post! Be prepared! Most screencaps came from Dramabeans, but a few came from [livejournal.com profile] folderdropping.)
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As many of you know, I've been watching Asian dramas for a couple years now.  More like mini-series, most dramas have a set number of episodes and a full story arc. As it so happens, the three dramas I've been following all ended within a week of each other. So I thought I would share my thoughts.

*Warning* This post is very image heavy!!! I can talk about these dramas forever, but sometimes pictures can convey why I liked a specific show better than if I go into detail about the plot. (Note: I didn't create the screen caps myself. I've picked the images up from a variety of places, but mostly Dramabeans. (Well, at least in the case of the Korean dramas and the .gif at the very end.) I would love to post clips too since a lot of my enjoyment came from the delivery and expressions as it did from the plot, but clips have a sad way of disappearing from their hosting sites. So still images it is!)

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

I talked about this drama before when it first aired. Even though I had pretty major misgivings, I'm happy to say... )

Smile, You
Smile, You

At 45 episodes, Smile, You is by far the longest Asian drama I've watched (so far). It was a sweet family drama, but, contrary to what you'd expect, the series had trouble after... )

Wish Upon A Star
Wish Upon A Star

I'm actually going to save Wish Upon A Star for its own separate post, since that drama turned out to be my favorite and therefore and I have an unreasonably high number of images. But as as a little teaser, here is something completely adorable from the show...
Babies Feeding Babies!
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I just found out that they made a live action version of The Wallflower (or Perfect Girl Evolution, if you prefer), a manga I've been following for years. It's a difficult series to describe. The closest I can come is My (reluctant) Fair Lady as seen by Tim Burton... with a good dose of boy band hysteria mixed in for good measure.

Now, they made an anime adaptation a few years back which was actually pretty good, but I have a feeling that this drama is going to be a train wreak. On the plus side, they cast one of the three leads from Nobuta No Produce (one of my favorite Japanese dramas) as the main guy. On the negative side, they added a cute kid. Now, I have nothing against cute kids, but when you add one to an already established series (or adaptation of an established series in this case) then Law of Cousin Oliver comes into effect... which means this drama might have jumped the shark before it even began.

Oh well, I don't think that's going to stop me. I've been meaning to get into another Japanese drama for a while. (I've just been too distracted by a recent run of excellent Korean dramas... but that's a whole other post.) Worse comes to worse, it might inspire me to rewatch Nobuta or maybe even Hana Kimi. In the mean time, bring on the goths and pretty boys! Oh Japan, you do make me laugh!
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Yesterday was Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary and it seems like everyone is getting in on the act, even Google! Today, I went on Sesame Street's YouTube channel and gathered as many of my favorite classic clips as I could find. There was the King of Eight, the Queen of Six (forgot about her!), an operatic orange, a Teeny Little Super Guy, Martians, and Tweedlebugs. Tatyana Ali (long, long before the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire) met Herbie Hancock and Tony Danza played tennis with Big Bird. There was even a very cute bit with Yo-Yo Ma! I thought I'd share them. Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Even more under here... )

And for one last trip down memory lane, this was my Sesame Street...

Thank you for 40 wonderful, educational years, Sesame Street. Here's to 40 more!

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Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] zinke. Because writers like to talk about what they write about (even if all they write is fic)...

Pick a paragraph (or any passage less than 500 words) from any fanfic I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

You can find all my West Wing fic here and all my non-West Wing fic (including Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter and Avatar: The Last Airbender) over here.

And yes, for drabbles and ficlets, I'll comment on the whole thing. If anybody is interested, that is!

Ship Meme

Oct. 5th, 2009 01:53 am
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I've seen this meme around plenty of places, most recently at [livejournal.com profile] unoriginal_liz and finally decided to give it a shot. It makes a nice change of pace from everything I've been working with over at [livejournal.com profile] keytus_tv.

Tell me a Fandom and I shall respond with my...

1. One True Pairing Ship:
2. Canon Ship:
3. "If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:
4. "You are one sick bastard" Ship:
5. "I dabble a little" Ship:
6. "It's like a car crash" Ship:
7. "Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship:
8. "Makes no canon sense but why the Hell not" Ship:
9. "Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:

....and then YOU can tell me if my answer surprised you or not! ;-P
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I originally responded to this over at [livejournal.com profile] zinke as part of her anniversary meme, but figured I should also post it here too, at least partially.

This is one of my favorite scene and contains one of my all-time favorite quotes.

Bartlet is asleep in his bedroom. The phone rings four times before he finally answers it sleepily.


CHARLIE: Good morning, Mr. President. It’s Charlie. I hope...

BARTLET: What could you possibly want right now?

CHARLIE: Sir, it’s 6:30 a.m. and...

BARTLET: In the morning?

CHARLIE: Yes sir. And I wanted to remind you that...

BARTLET: I mean, what in the name of everything holy could you want right now?

CHARLIE: I wanted to remind you that you have a 7:00 a.m. at the Oval Office with senior staff, followed by your security and intelligence briefings, and a meeting with the Chairman of the Fed. Would you like me to have the stewards bring you some coffee and the Washington Post?

BARTLET: Who the hell is this?


BARTLET: And what could you possibly want?

CHARLIE: Sir. I need you to dig in now. It wasn’t a nightmare. You really are the President.

BARTLET: All right.

CHARLIE: I’ll have the stewards bring the coffee to your room.

BARTLET: I’ll get up now.

I miss my show.
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It's up! It's up!! Keytus Television is up and open for business!!

What's Keytus Television? Go here to find out!

I'm really excited about this project and hope my all my f-list will check it out and participate, whether they are Keytus Kids or not!!!
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Because if you haven't seen this yet, it's a crime...

I almost can't imagine how the movie could possibly be better than the trailer. Then I saw this...

I simply cannot wait!
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On my way to work yesterday, a tourist stopped me to ask directions.

“I knew you were a local. You looked like you were from around here,” she said. I walked the rest of the way to work with a big grin on my face.

I love being from DC. It has it’s own culture and flavor that is hard to describe to outsiders. It’s very quirky and surprisingly apolitical. This Washington Post article from the Inauguration gets close. The politicians and the lobbyists may get all of the attention, but I’ve lived in a very different world from that, where people wear their government badges with geeky pride and Metro is main way to get around. It’s a pedestrian city. I bring this last part up, because the distance between places is the thing that The West Wing usually and consistently gets wrong.

I know I’ve complained before about the closing shot in 20 Hours In America when Toby, Donna and Josh all walk back into the city over the Watergate Bridge. It’s a beautiful image of the city. But you know what else? It’s at least a 30 minute walk to the White House from there. I should know. I’ve done it before!!

Last night, I watched “Shutdown” for the first time in years. I really enjoyed it (maybe even more than I did the first time around) but then Angela Blake said that the Capitol was only a five or ten minute walk away from the National Gallery, which is definitely an underestimate. Five minutes will get you to the Capitol Reflecting Pool. If you walk fast. And how would Josh, who had been working in and around the Capitol his whole life, not know how long of a walk it was?!

Then, as an added kicker, as CJ and Toby watch the news on television, the newscaster (a self-proclaimed twenty-five year Washingtonian) mixed up the National Archives with the National Gallery. You do not get those two building mixed up. Not to mention it’s close to another half hour from the Archives to the Capitol. Again, I know because I’ve walked it!

I remember at the time having trouble buying that Secret Service would be okay with Jed casually taking a stroll up Pennsylvania Ave. (Though I always figured that Josh ran the idea by the Secret Service first before presenting it to the President.) Now, after having gone through the most recent Inauguration (HE WALKED!), I realized one reason that the Secret Service would have been okay with President Bartlet setting out on foot: it’s mostly government building from there until the Capitol. Empty government building because the government was closed. Nice how that worked out!

Other than those blatant inaccuracies, it was a very good episode. It’s easy to forget those existed during Season 5. Yes, pod!Leo was in full force, but it’s was such a Josh episode. And in a lot of ways, this was the episode where Josh went from being Leo’s boy to Jed’s virtual stand-in. This was probably the episode that helped give root to number 3 on my fanon list. And Donna saved Social Security, which still just delights me.
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Well, it’s taken me forever, but I finally gotten around to watching Season 3 (or should I say Series 3?) of Doctor Who. “Blink” was by far my favorite episode, which isn’t all that surprising since I seem to love every episode that Steven Moffat has written. I should have known he wrote this one. The creepy vibe of "Blink" reminded me of "The Empty Child".

But the biggest surprise to me was Martha, because she sort of annoyed me way back when I saw her first few episodes on SciFi. (I stopped because trying to watch Season 3 every week while I was making my way through Season 1. It was way too weird.) This is in no way Freema Agyeman’s fault. She, as an actress, was completely amazing. The problem with Martha is that she had to be IN LOVE with the Doctor and therefore really resentful of all things Rose. It was an annoying trait in an otherwise kickass character.

First, thing I got to explain, because I known that some of my f-list are Rose/Doctor shippers, is that I do not ship the Doctor. If anything, I’m an anti-shipper. (Yes, ME an anti-shipper! Who ever could have guessed?!) There is just something about a creature that’s centuries old and astoundingly brilliant that can make almost any relationship to uneven. And the comparatively short lifespans gives the “love story” tragic undertones. Plus, I didn’t always like Rose.

Read on if you're okay with all of that... )

So that’s where Season 3 left me. Season 4, here I come!


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