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Every time there's an LJ denial of service, it makes me wonder what I'll do if LJ no longer is around at all. Nothing lasts forever, especially not on the internet.

I signed up for a Dreamwidth account back when I first started, but it felt like I was starting from scratch. I just didn't see the point and I honestly still don't. If LJ goes up in smoke... I'm okay with letting that chapter of my life be over. I'll be sad to loose some of the more personal entries I've posted, but I can save those in other formats. My fic is all archived over at FF.Net. (I'd sign up for an AO3 account too if the idea of more cross-posting didn't give me a headache.) I'm now on Facebook, Twitter AND Google Plus, so I have plenty of platforms to keep in touch with the friends I've made. I haven't quite figured out what to do about [livejournal.com profile] keytus_tv  but I'm sure we'll come up with something if the time ever comes.

And that time may not ever come. We all might be done with LJ long before LJ calls it quits. We can't know what the future holds. All we can do is be grateful for what we have and be ready for what may come. And I'm really grateful for the chance to get to know you all here.

Okay, navel-gazing over. We now return to the usual random distractions!
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So, I've been thinking about fic writing and writing in general and have decided that I will try to finish ever pending fic I have languishing around by next spring. So, I wrote down every fic I was either actively working on or mulling over.  I figured if I posted a fic a week, I would be done with time to spare. Ha.

The problems with the plan:
(1) I write at glacier speed. Seriously, I think drabbles are about the only thing I can knock out fast... and those are only 100 words!
(2) Work is crazy busy and I come home with very little to offer. I can barely form coherent posts, let alone anything longer than that.
(3) I keep coming up with fic that need to go on my god-forsaken list!!

The List With Color Commentary )

And, of course, I wrote this post when I could have been writing fic, but sometimes it's good to get things out in the open. 
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On my way to work yesterday, a tourist stopped me to ask directions.

“I knew you were a local. You looked like you were from around here,” she said. I walked the rest of the way to work with a big grin on my face.

I love being from DC. It has it’s own culture and flavor that is hard to describe to outsiders. It’s very quirky and surprisingly apolitical. This Washington Post article from the Inauguration gets close. The politicians and the lobbyists may get all of the attention, but I’ve lived in a very different world from that, where people wear their government badges with geeky pride and Metro is main way to get around. It’s a pedestrian city. I bring this last part up, because the distance between places is the thing that The West Wing usually and consistently gets wrong.

I know I’ve complained before about the closing shot in 20 Hours In America when Toby, Donna and Josh all walk back into the city over the Watergate Bridge. It’s a beautiful image of the city. But you know what else? It’s at least a 30 minute walk to the White House from there. I should know. I’ve done it before!!

Last night, I watched “Shutdown” for the first time in years. I really enjoyed it (maybe even more than I did the first time around) but then Angela Blake said that the Capitol was only a five or ten minute walk away from the National Gallery, which is definitely an underestimate. Five minutes will get you to the Capitol Reflecting Pool. If you walk fast. And how would Josh, who had been working in and around the Capitol his whole life, not know how long of a walk it was?!

Then, as an added kicker, as CJ and Toby watch the news on television, the newscaster (a self-proclaimed twenty-five year Washingtonian) mixed up the National Archives with the National Gallery. You do not get those two building mixed up. Not to mention it’s close to another half hour from the Archives to the Capitol. Again, I know because I’ve walked it!

I remember at the time having trouble buying that Secret Service would be okay with Jed casually taking a stroll up Pennsylvania Ave. (Though I always figured that Josh ran the idea by the Secret Service first before presenting it to the President.) Now, after having gone through the most recent Inauguration (HE WALKED!), I realized one reason that the Secret Service would have been okay with President Bartlet setting out on foot: it’s mostly government building from there until the Capitol. Empty government building because the government was closed. Nice how that worked out!

Other than those blatant inaccuracies, it was a very good episode. It’s easy to forget those existed during Season 5. Yes, pod!Leo was in full force, but it’s was such a Josh episode. And in a lot of ways, this was the episode where Josh went from being Leo’s boy to Jed’s virtual stand-in. This was probably the episode that helped give root to number 3 on my fanon list. And Donna saved Social Security, which still just delights me.
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Well, it’s taken me forever, but I finally gotten around to watching Season 3 (or should I say Series 3?) of Doctor Who. “Blink” was by far my favorite episode, which isn’t all that surprising since I seem to love every episode that Steven Moffat has written. I should have known he wrote this one. The creepy vibe of "Blink" reminded me of "The Empty Child".

But the biggest surprise to me was Martha, because she sort of annoyed me way back when I saw her first few episodes on SciFi. (I stopped because trying to watch Season 3 every week while I was making my way through Season 1. It was way too weird.) This is in no way Freema Agyeman’s fault. She, as an actress, was completely amazing. The problem with Martha is that she had to be IN LOVE with the Doctor and therefore really resentful of all things Rose. It was an annoying trait in an otherwise kickass character.

First, thing I got to explain, because I known that some of my f-list are Rose/Doctor shippers, is that I do not ship the Doctor. If anything, I’m an anti-shipper. (Yes, ME an anti-shipper! Who ever could have guessed?!) There is just something about a creature that’s centuries old and astoundingly brilliant that can make almost any relationship to uneven. And the comparatively short lifespans gives the “love story” tragic undertones. Plus, I didn’t always like Rose.

Read on if you're okay with all of that... )

So that’s where Season 3 left me. Season 4, here I come!
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Lately, I’ve been pretty trigger happy when it comes to ditching new shows. Life’s too short to waste it on stories that do nothing for you. So, needless to say, I’ve asked myself a few times last night why I’m still watching Dollhouse.

It’s not that it’s a bad show. It’s not. It’s well written and (sometimes) well acted and I already care about some (not all) of the characters. But I’m often impatient with the storylines. Frustrated when an interesting plot point tempts me into sticking around for another episode.

I think the root of the problem is that while the monster of the week (or crime as the case may be) is something I enjoy about both Fringe and Life, I’m not that into the ones on Dollhouse. It makes me impatient. I just want them to get on with the main mystery. With Fringe… well, taking my cue from Lost and Alias, I’m only along for the monster of the week ride (and The Peter & Walter Show). I do not care about the conspiracy or to try to keep track of a bunch of cryptic clue whose meaning won’t be revealed for another six seasons. In contrast, I can’t tell whether I like Life’s weekly mystery or bigger conspiracy more. That is a sign of a VERY good show.

I actually think the Dollhouse is in the wrong format. It should be a movie and the focus should be on Paul Ballard and the dolls themselves should be in the background… except for the characters that turn out to be dolls themselves. The audience should be more familiar with Caroline than Echo,so that everytime Echo appears, it's shocking. What little we do see of the dolls and the Dollhouse should be through the eyes of Boyd, Topher and Dr. Claire (but that might be only because I really like those three.) Actually, I think the series would befit from the focus being shifted away from the dolls and onto the investigation.

Anybody out there got an opinion they’d like to share?

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I rented Mad Men from Netflix and finally sat down to watch it tonight.  Now, I have a lot of good reasons to watch this show.  Many, many people whose opinion I respect like this show, my intern has been talking about nothing but since she came to work for me, it's award winning, and it even relates to what I'm doing at work right now.  (Have I mentioned that I love my job?)

I didn't make it past the first episode. I didn't even FINISH the first episode.  I turned on Dexter instead. 

I have a feeling that this is going to be Studio 60 all over again.  Great show, but I'm just not that into it.  Normally, it doesn't take long for a show to capture my attention.  In the best cases, it only takes a few minutes.  But I wasn't and no matter how much time I give it, I don't think I'm going to be. Since I don't have a problem with spoilers, I went on Wikipedia and it just confirmed my suspicions about the show.  All in all, I'd rather watch the show about the serial killer.  (Even if I do have to suffer through Lila.)

I will admit there was one bright moment that made me perk up.   I like Peggy and I liked her short interaction with Don. ("Do I have to?" "Good point.")  It's goood to know that my annoyance towards the end of West Wing was with Zoey and not Elisabeth Moss. I think I would enjoy her storyline.  But even watching Peggy's rise to copywriter just isn't enough for me.

So, I'm asking those of you who watched this show, should I give it a second chance or should I just throw in the towel?

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While I’ve tried to keep my thoughts in order, don’t expect me to come to any conclusions.  This is just stuff that have been on my mind…

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THOSE EVIL BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I have to say, really.


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